100 More Great Leadership Ideas

By Jonathan Gifford
Marshall Cavendish Business, 2013

  • Can you inspire people’s basic emotions?
  • Will you welcome ideas from every source?
  • Do you let people make their own decisions?
  • Are you prepared to think the unthinkable?

100 More Great Leadership Ideas continues to explore the ideas of successful modern leaders from around the world. Following on from its best-selling predecessor, 100 Great Leadership Ideas, the book uses the opinions of over 130 modern business leaders, thinkers and commentators to explore what successful leaders and business experts agree are the most valuable ideas for today’s aspiring leaders.

Successful leaders stress the need for constant innovation and try to create organisational structures that encourage an entrepreneurial mind-set. They enable colleagues to take control of their business objectives and encourage them to provide their own leadership at various levels of the organisation. Modern leaders dedicate their time and effort to bringing out the best in other people and use the wisdom of the organisation to find the most successful way of achieving their own vision for the organisation’s future.

Leadership is one of the most complex and demanding roles that anyone is called on to undertake. In modern organisations, executives are expected to deliver leadership from the very outset of their careers.

100 More Great Leadership Ideas offers the collected wisdom of the very best modern leaders as a source of practical inspiration for all leaders in organisations around the world.

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