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for business leaders

About me

I am a business author and ghostwriter.

I have five books about business and leadership published under my own name. I have also co-authored four books with leading management consultant Dr Mark Powell on organisational change and our concept of Performance Thinking, exploring what business can learn from the performing arts. These books have been variously translated into Chinese, Russian, Thai, Indonesian and Korean.

Most of my ghostwriting work is also around business and leadership—though I have also written books on how to buy private land for property development and on the use of venture capital techniques to drive innovation in American politics. I’m happy to take on any non-fiction project.

I have written the first volume of the autobiography of a leading businessman and adventurer, to be published in late 2022, and am currently (May 2022) working on the second volume.

I write a great deal of shortform work, typically in the form of op eds, blogs and articles to promote my own or my clients’ work.

Making your life easier

As a ghostwriter, I like to make life for the author as easy as possible. For short-form content, the subject matter and a brief chat should be all I need. For book writing, existing materials and notes are very welcome, but not essential. I talk regularly with clients on Zoom or the equivalent and use transcriptions of those conversations as the basis for much new material. I am used to working with clients in different time zones (I live in the UK, but I have worked with clients in various US states, Europe, Africa and the United Arab Emirates).

Ghostwriting is a collaborative creative process. We start by agreeing on the overall framework of the piece and, for books, create a chapter synopsis together. I work hard to find a unique tone of voice that reflects the author’s own speaking and writing style. I am happy to supply a few thousand words as a free sample before starting work, so that authors can be sure that we will be able to work successfully together.

As projects progress, we review the latest writing and talk about any new thinking or amends. Where necessary, I carry out any desk research that is needed to support the ideas and interview third parties and outside experts where it is useful to add their voices to the narrative.

As books begin to take shape, we revisit the structure to reassure ourselves that it tells a compelling story and hooks the reader in at every stage. I write quickly: once I know what needs to be said, I write several thousand words a day.

And I’m a nice guy and fun to work with!

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