100 Great Leadership Ideas

By Jonathan Gifford
Marshall Cavendish Business, 2010

100 Great Leadership Ideas uses public statements, interviews, articles and books by over 130 famous leaders and scholars of leadership to reveal what they believe are the most significant aspects of leadership. Leaders and leadership scholars whose ideas are featured include Jack Welch, Louis Gerstner, Mukesh Ambani, Bhaskar Bhat, Richard Branson, Ram Charan, John Chen, Steven Covey, Peter Drucker, Bill Gates, Bill George, Marshall Goldsmith, Andrew Grove, Gary Hamel, Lee Iacocca, Steve Jobs, Andrea Jung, Alan Mulally, Anne Mulcahy, Irene Rosenfeld, John F Kennedy, Narayana Murthy, David Packard, George S Patton, Azim Premji Franklin, Delano Roosevelt, Eric Schmidt, Fred Smith, Nancy Snyder, Wu Xiaobing and many others. 100 Great Leadership Ideas is now in its third edition and has been translated into Chinese, Thai and Indonesian.

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